Ken is a client, that we met recently. He bought the 2 day trip to Meteora and stayed in Kalambaka for one night.
He eventually visited all 6 monasteries in less that 2 days. Read how he did it........

Dear Kosta.
Just wanted to thank you for helping us with the Meteora trip. We had a great time and it was an amazing place to visit! It really topped off our Greek visit!

 Here is my Meteora report. I do hope you find it helpful in some way and maybe use some of my tips. It's written from a traveller’s perspective, perhaps providing you a different thinking to enhance your service. I'd be interested in hearing if any of this has been helpful to someone.

If you find Ken’s report helpful, please, contact him and thank him

- Your local knowledge: Getting answers to tough questions and advice on how to do the Meteora trip was invaluable. Information such as when the local bus runs, the fact that the overnight Kalambaka train ride will stop halfway and you have to change trains, etc are all
important for the independent traveller to plan his Meteora trip.

- You booking the appropriate hotel and train ticket. One item less for me to worry about but this
turned out to be pretty important. For one thing, we didn't have to deal with the process of buying the ticket with a non-English speaking ticket seller, didn't end up getting the "wrong seating" as you got the best seating for us. One thing we noticed while wandering around the train on our return trip to Athens, the other non-compartmentalized sections were just full of people standing around as there were no more seats available.

- You meeting us at the train station and showing us to our seats. And our seating arrangement was exactly the same coming back - very thoughtful piece of detail on your part!

- The staff at the hotel was excellent. They paid attention to the customers. I saw the service not only with us but with other customers as well. Upon arrival they also went over all the Meteora items that we needed to know for our visit. Very helpful.

- It was great that you booked a room where we had a balcony to the main street below and with a view of the rocks.

- Your directions from train station to hotel were detailed and we knew where to go as soon as we got off the train. Everybody else was milling about trying to get their orientation while we were already on our way.

In summary, your very personalized and detailed service is a big plus.


Tips for you to use: items that I thought you can use to help enhance your customers Meteora trip.
Here was our strategy for Meteora.

Arrival on first day and check in to hotel.
Use eastern hiking path to do the 2 Eastern monasteries, Agia Triada first as the existing hiking path brought us to the foot of it, but, advice people to watch the clock as they need to walk over to St Stephen's (maybe 20 min walk) as by this time it's starting to get near the closing time. Once done, go back to Agia Triada and walk down hiking path (leisure 40minutes I'd say - especially if you stop a lot to take pictures!).
Second day: take 9am bus to Great Meteoro to do the remaining 4 monasteries in this order: Great Meteoro, Varlaam, Rousanneau, Agios Nickolaos.
It is possible to walk the 4 from one monastery to another (we did it) if in regular shape (and we are not fitness buffs!). We walked back by taking the road to Kastraki and then onto Kalambaka to the hotel.

- Upon arrival on first day, our first task was to get some food (energy for the hike) and stock up on water.
That would be a good tip for you to use.

- Ensure that the traveller asks the front desk how to reach the eastern hiking path................

- Traveller should also ensure to pack some food along for the long second day..................... 

- Advise traveller to ask front desk the exact location of the bus stop as there are no signs................

- Mention to traveller that on 2nd day,................................

- Also advise that traveller can leave their bags at the front desk for safekeeping, and.........................

- No matter how hot it is, bring at least one long sleeve (sweater, jacket) .....................

- Advise the traveller the approximate arrival time .....................

When we meet in Athens we shall give you a copy of Ken's feedback and a map of the monasteries.