Meteora by train – terms and conditions

To Meteora by train

Departing from Athens, the train is by far the most pleasant way to get to Kalampaka.
Buy your train tickets at least 10 days in advance, and secure the best seats at the best rates.


– Our package prices are per person and include the train tickets (B class) from Athens with the return.
– By paying 12.00 € p.p. upgrades your ticket both ways, to one of the 22 FIRST CLASS seats.
– SEND US your booking request but, and wait for our confirmation before paying any money.
– To proceed with the booking we need the booking form with the names and dates of birth of the passengers.
– 50.00 euro p.p. must be paid in advance to help us buy the B-class tickets. SEE the link in the footer.
– The vouchers are collected, ANY DAY BEFORE THE TRIP in our office, during working hours.
– We stop issuing tickets, 48 hrs before departure, or when the train is full and no more seats are available.
– Cancellation policy: 15.00 € p.p. is non refundable. In case of a strike the full amount is refunded.
– If your message is received, at the very latest, 72 hrs before departure the tickets can become open.
If your message is received within the last 72 hours, the tickets are forfeited and no liability is recognized.
– Clients must be at LARISA train station in Athens, 30 minutes before the train’s departure.
– ASTORIA Travel cannot be held responsible for any delays, or route deviations caused by bad weather, or
breakdowns. OSE provides alternative transportation to your destination. Reasonable delay expected.
– The highest monastery is 10 km. from Kalampaka. When visiting the monasteries, be properly dressed.
– For the ladies, wrappings are provided at the entrances. The entrance fee (3 € p.p.) is not included.
– All through the year, you can visit the monasteries using the local taxis, 10.00 euro/transfer, paid locally.
– If you want the taxi driver to stay with you and drive you around, the charge is 20.00 € / hour, paid locally.
– May till October, a local bus connects Kalampaka and the monasteries. The ticket is NOT INCLUDED.
– Take a walk and visit Kastraki. Find the St. Antonios Bandovas area. Here you see the cave dwellings.
– Transfers to/from the train stations are NOT INCLUDED. In Kalambaka, our hotel is 400 m from the train station,
– And if you want to visit DELPHI after KALAMBAKA, this is the easiest way.
– The hotels in our packages are the KOSTA FAMISI Hotel in Kalambaka and the hotel LEFAS in Delphi.
– Our office is centrally located, on 48 Stadiou street, Tel. 210 3250380 open on weekdays 10.00 – 18.00
– We reserve the right to modify the program in case of a force majeure or reasons beyond our control.

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