Pay in advance and save

Book and pay in advance and gain 5% discount

At least 4 months before the departure of the tour….
1) Send us the tour booking form. (The discount refers to the guided tours only).
2) We reply and confirm that the booking is doable. You then pay through one of our Secure websites 50.00 euro p.p., non refundable deposit. As soon as we receive the message from our bank that the money have been paid in our account, we confirm the transaction, we proceed and make the bookings requested.
3) At least 2 months before the tour departure, you remember to visit our Secure Bank website again and pay the balance, deducting the 5% discount.

Upon receival of the bank message again, we send you the voucher(s)

Payments can be made in either one of the two (2) Bank Secure websites:

(using a PC or laptop)

or, using any tool, you visit:

Thank you for trusting us.
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