Meteora – 2 days from 120.00 €

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Operating days & prices

The 2 days Delphi and Meteora tour operates April – October: Mon, Wed, Thu & selected Saturdays.
Between November – March this tour operates ONLY on Wednesdays.

However, we believe that one day in Kalampaka is not enough.
April – October depart on Wednesday, return on Friday follow the guided groups on these 2 days and on Thursday, explore Meteora on your own, or,
CLICK HERE and see our independent 3 day tour by train, 1 night in Kalambaka and 1 night in Delphi.

PRICES: All travel agents, in Greece and worldwide, offer the same tour to Meteora at different prices. We are sure that our prices for this tour is not matched by any other company. After 60 years organizing tours throughout Greece we have secured the best deals in all aspects of travel.

3* Kosta FAMISSI – with breakfast
120.00 + 12.00 € entrance fees = 132.00
137.00 + 12.00 € entrance fees = 149.00
3* ORFEAS – half board
135.00 + 12.00 € entrance fees = 147.00 €
165.00 + 12.00 € entrance fees = 177.00 €
4* AMALIA or GRAND METEORO – half board
170.00 + 12.00 € entrance fees = 182.00 €
215.00 + 12.00 € entrance fees = 227.00 €

The hotels used are: 3* Hotel KOSTA FAMISI or Hotel ORFEAS and 4* hotel AMALIA(Thu & Sat) or Hotel GRAND METEORO(Mon & Wed)

– transportation on modern, air conditioned buses
– Pick up / drop off from your hotel or near it (See the list of hotels in the footer of this website).
(This service is from hotels in central Athens. The airport and the Port of Piraeus are not in Athens.
– Services of the professional tour guide all along the tour.
– Entrance tickets to Delphi ancient site and 2 of the monasteries open on the day that you visit Meteora.
– 1 night hotel accommodation in the hotel of your choice.
– All taxes except the hotel night tax of 1.50 €(in 3* hotel) – 3.00 € per room, per night(in 4*star hotel)

NOT INCLUDED: lunches on both days. The bus parks at local restaurants, but the lunches are extra.

MORE OFFERS and DISCOUNTS (only one discount allowed – the highest one):
a) Share with a friend a triple room and save 5% on the double room rate.
b) 5% GROUP DISCOUNT: Make a team of 5 or more passengers and gain 5%, or
c) 5% ADVANCE BOOKING and payment discount. Follow the following 3 steps and save.
# SUBMIT your booking request form 4 months before the tour departure.
# WITHIN ONE WEEK following our confirmation, pay a non refundable deposit of 50.00 €, p.p.
# TWO MONTHS before the departure of the tour, settle the balance in full.

In the footer of the website you find the “4 steps 2 make a booking” and if you consider our price of interest, please, start communication. Let us be your host and welcome you to sunny Greece.

Places visited

Oracle of Apollo in DELPHI-the centre of the universe
According to the myth, Zeus released two eagles. One flew east and the other one west. They met over Delphi, determining that the centre of the world was there. A temple dedicated to god Apollo was built there in the 7th c BC. The oracle of Apollo became a religious centre where common people and kings alike, came to consult the priestess of the sanctuary.
The archaeological site consists of the temple of Apollo, the treasury houses, the theatre, and the stadium, while the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia consists of the best-known landmark (the THOLOS = a circular structure with 3 of its original 20 doric columns restored), the gymnasium and the rest of the sports facilities, used for training during the “Pythian Games”.
Today, next to the archaeological site, there is an impressive museum, displaying findings from the local excavations, that started in 1892. The highlights are offerings by the oracle visitors, such as the famous Charioteer, the statue of Antinoos, the two “kouros” statues, the OMFALOS, being the sculptured stone that represented the navel of the world, and many others.

METEORA-the art of nature
In a region of inaccessible sandstone peaks, monks found protection and settled on these “columns of the sky” from the 10th c. onwards. 24 monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties, at the time of the great revival of the monastic ideal in the 15th c. Their 16th c. frescoes mark a key stage in the development of the post-Byzantine painting.
More than a million people visit the area of Meteora every year and admire this “unique” natural phenomenon.


DAY 1: The bus starts the pick up at 07.30 am and traffic allows it departs from the terminal in the centre of Athens at 08.30 am.
Passing from THEBES (the town of mythical Oedipus), LEVADIA (short restroom stop), and the traditional village of ARACHOVA, you arrive in DELPHI, the famous “Temple-Bank”, at +/- 11.30 am.
Delphi was considered by the ancient Greeks, “the centre of the universe”. Here, with the professional tour guide, you will explore the legendary site of the Oracle.

13.30 The group proceeds for lunch, and at +/- 14.45 departs via AMPHISSA, LAMIA, and TRIKALA for Kalampaka with a short photo stop at THERMOPYLAE, the place where the famous battle between the Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan soldiers against the huge Persian army of Xerxes 480 B.C. took place. Arrival at your hotel in Kalampaka at +/- 19:00. Overnight in Kalambaka. (Dinner is optional).

DAY 2: 08.15 After breakfast drive to METEORA, after passing froma local studio where you learn the technique of painting the icons and what an icon means for a Greek Orthodox Christian.
You drive up on the rocks and visit 2 of the monasteries that are open on that day.
12:30 Return to Kalampaka for lunch and at +/- 14:00 you start the return and arrive in Athens between 19.30 – 20.00.

Time Tour Plan & Services
8:30 Hotel pick up starts at 07.30 am. Depart from the terminal in Athens
11:30 Arrive in modern Delphi village after a short break near Levadia
11:45 With the professional tour guide, visit the ancient sanctuary site
13:45 Lunch at a local restaurant (optional).
15:00 Via Thermopylae(photo stop), Lamia, Karditsa & Trikala, proceed to Kalambaka
19:15 Arrival in Kalambaka. Hotel check-in and optional dinner at 19.30
08:15 Depart from the parking of Hotel ORFEAS and visit an icon exhibition
09:00 On the way to Meteora, visit 2 of them. Entrance fees included
12:00 Lunch at a local restaurant. (not included in price)
14:00 Start the return to Athens – 19:30 Arrival in Athens – Hotel drop off by 20:00

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Duration (days)
Guided or Private
Highlights, Places visited
Guided tour in shared bus
Delphi, Thermopylae, Meteora
3 day Delphi & Meteora
Guided Tour in shared bus
1 night Delphi, 1 night Meteora
3 day Delphi & Meteora
Guided tour in shared bus
2 nights in Kalambaka
4 day classical tour & Meteora
Guided tour in shared bus
Argolis, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora
5 day Monday Special & Meteora
Guided tour in shared bus
Nafplion, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora
Guided Tour in shared bus
Guided tour




Duration (days)
Guided or Private
Highlights, Places visited
1 day Meteora, train & taxi
Independent train trip and taxi tour
Train trip Athens-Kalambaka-Athens & private taxi tour
1 day Meteora, train & shared bus
Independent train trip
Train & tour of Meteora in shared bus
2 days trip train package
Independent train trip
Train ticket & hotel
2 days by train – “Meteora special”
Train ticket, hotel, Sunset & morning tour
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